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TURKEY SHOOT Unclassified 18+

Night Shift | Feature
D Jon Hewitt | Australia, 2014
Tags: Australian Premiere, One Night Only, Science-Fiction, Thriller

Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill or be killed.

Turkey Shoot was one of the most infamously violent, gloriously schlocky films in Ozploitation history. Now Tony Ginnane, the producer of the 1982 cult classic, has joined forces with Australia's modern grindhouse master Jon Hewitt (X, MIFF 11) to bring this tale of carnage and wanton destruction roaring into the 21st century. Prepare yourself for the 21st-century iteration of Turkey Shoot.

In a brutal dystopian future, convicted criminals are given the chance to win whatever their heart desires by becoming a contestant in the world's most popular TV show: Turkey Shoot. All disgraced ex-Navy SEAL Rich Tyler (Dominic Purcell, Prison Break) – contestant #117 – wants is to clear his name and claim his freedom. But Turkey Shoot isn't interested in finding winners. It just wants to hunt Tyler like an animal and make him squeal before he dies.

Screenwriters Belinda McClory and Jon Hewitt are festival guests.

D Jon Hewitt P Antony I. Ginnane S Belinda McClory, Jon Hewitt Dist IFM Film TD DCP/2014

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