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THE OVERNIGHTERS Unclassified 18+

Documentaries | Feature
D Jesse Moss | USA, 2014
Tags: Documentary, Festival Blockbusters, Relationships

"This is a masterfully directed piece of work, akin to Errol Morris in the way that it presents a full picture without judgement." – Film Threat

A standout at Sundance where it won a Special Jury Prize, this morally complex film follows the fortunes of a local pastor, Jay Reinke, as he tries to practise what he preaches in a small North Dakotan town that has become the centre of an oil-fracking boom.

Reinke's decision to open his church up as temporary lodgings for the flood of unemployed men seeking work causes disquiet in his congregation and outright hostility from the town. Exploring the risks of charity and the limits of compassion in the face of an uncertain future, director Jesse Moss (Speedo, MIFF 2004) brings an insightful, observational approach that is perfectly suited to his subject matter in this superb, unforgettable film.

"A shattering experience; a masterwork of unbridled honesty." – Twitch

D/S Jesse Moss P Amanda Moss, Jesse Moss WS Film Sales Company TD DCP/2014

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