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THE ONE I LOVE Unclassified 18+

International Panorama | Feature
D Charlie McDowell | USA, 2014
Tags: Absurdist, After Work, Australian Premiere, Comedy, Date Night, Drama, First Timers, Head Trip, Mystery, Psychologist, Relationships, Romance, Science-Fiction, Star Power

Saving a marriage the surreal way.

"That was a little bit of a weird fight last night," Ethan (Mark Duplass, also appearing in Creep, screening at this year's festival) tells Sophie (Elisabeth Moss, who you can see in Listen Up Philip, at this year's festival) on the first morning of their weekend getaway. His words ring true, with the last-ditch attempt to reclaim their lost spark plagued by strange occurrences. Every glimpse of happiness comes with its own misunderstandings, and every argument elicits unusual reactions. The couple search for marital bliss, but are they really seeking their idealised versions of each other?

In his debut feature, author Charlie McDowell gives an imaginative, genre-bending twist to the usual relationship comedies. Taking inspiration from Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze's collaborations, The One I Love offers a largely improvised exploration of the realities of marriage that's anything but conventional.

"Boasting spectacular performances from Duplass and Moss … witty, sophisticated and emotionally authentic all the way." – Variety

D Charlie McDowell P Mel Eslyn S Justin Lader Dist Roadshow Films TD DCP/2014

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