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THE HOPE FACTORY Unclassified 18+

Kombinat Nadezhda

International Panorama | Feature
D Nataliya Meschaninova | Russia, 2014
L Russian
Tags: 20 somethings, Australian Premiere, Coming of Age, Drama, Relationships, Rural

"Raw-edged and engrossing." – Dazed Digital

Sveta and Nadya are stuck in Norilsk, a bleak northern industrial town in Russia. Nearer to the North Pole than Moscow, the two dream of escaping to greener pastures. But tensions between them rise when it becomes clear that Nadya is willing to do far more than Sveta to secure a one-way ticket out of town.

The stunning blues and greys of Russia's north provide a stark setting for Nataliya Meschchaninova's debut feature. Meschchaninova had planned to make a documentary about the town, but when the government and business owners refused permission, she created a fictional narrative she would have complete control over. The film premiered as part of the Tiger program at the 2014 Rotterdam Film Festival.

"An assured and encouraging debut." – International Cinephile Society

D Nataliya Meschaninova P Yelena Stepanischeva, Zaur Bolotayev, Alexander Plotnikov, Pyotr Gudkov, Yevgeny Syomin S Lyubov Mulmenko, Ivan Ugarov, Nataliya Meschaninova L Russian w/English subtitles TD DCP/2014

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