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THE FORT Unclassified | Next Gen


Next Gen | Feature
D Avinash Arun | India, 2014
L Marathi
Tags: Australian Premiere, Award Winner, Coming of Age, Drama, Family, Rural

Winner of the Crystal Bear for the Best Film in the Generation Kplus section at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival.

After moving from the city to the countryside so his mother can find work and he can recover from his father's recent death, young Chinu initially has trouble fitting in. He gradually falls in with a group of boys his age, but when it seems that they betray his offer of friendship, he must come to terms with loneliness, loss and the need to start afresh.

Warm, welcoming and wise, The Fort is the deftly handled debut feature from Avinash Arun. Navigating difficult territory with verve and humour, Arun has created a heart-warming and deeply moving coming-of-age tale that reminds us of the inevitability of change and the resilience of the human spirit.

"This film made us all want to discover India." – Berlinale Generation Kplus Children's Jury

D Avinash Arun P Madhukar R Musle, Ajay G Rai, Alan McAlex S Tushar Paranjape WS 3 Monkeys Films L Marathi w/English subtitles TD DCP/2014

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