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THE DISTANCE Unclassified 18+

La Distancia

International Panorama | Feature
D Sergio Caballero | Spain, 2014
L German,Russian
Tags: Absurdist, Animals, Architecture, Art, Australian Premiere, Auteur, Crime, Experimental, Head Trip, Heist

"A heist-movie of such exquisitely bizarre loopiness to make Inception look like Ocean's Eleven ... confirms the unhinged singularity of [Caballero's] comic vision." – Hollywood Reporter

Three telepathic dwarves are hired by an Austrian conceptual artist who has been imprisoned inside an abandoned Siberian power plant after the death of his insane Russian benefactor. Their task: to steal an item known only as "The Distance" from a heavily fortified room elsewhere in the plant.

Keeping up? You're not supposed to. From the deliciously twisted mind of Sergio Caballero, who brought you Finisterrae (MIFF 11), comes another slice of impeccably designed absurdity. A skewering of Tarkovsky's Stalker mixed with a strain of surrealism to put David Lynch to shame, The Distance is an utterly unique offering from one of Europe's most exciting auteurs.

D/S Sergio Caballero P Sergio Caballero, Ibon Cormenzana WS Sonar L Russian, German w/English subtitles TD DCP/2014

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