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STATIONS OF THE CROSS Unclassified 18+


International Panorama | Feature
D Dietrich Brüggemann | France,Germany, 2014
L German
Tags: Absurdist, Australian Premiere, Coming of Age, Faith, Relationships, Satire

"It is difficult to write about this rigorous, note-perfect, mantelpiece-neat melodrama without spoiling the pleasure of watching it." – Sight & Sound

Maria is a 14-year-old girl caught between the temptations of a teenage world and her conservative Catholic family. With God watching her every move, she struggles to please everybody as her mother pushes her towards a life of piety while her feelings for another student grow. What sacrifice will the Lord ask for her actions?

This striking film about a young girl's spiritual awakening adopts a satirical tone as its heroine tumbles towards tragedy. Told in 14 chapters, each representing a station of the cross and most shot from a single static camera, Stations of the Cross is both unsettling and darkly humorous.

Best Screenplay winner at the Berlin International Film Festival.

D Dietrich Brüggemann P Jochen Laube S Anna & Dietrich Brüggemann WS Beta Cinema GmbH L German w/English subtitles TD DCP/2014

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