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SILK Unclassified 18+

Backbeat | Feature
D Benjamin Shearn | USA, 2013
Tags: Art, Australian Premiere, Documentary, Fashion, Music, Relationships

A music documentary, a live concert experience, a cinematic travelogue and, most of all, a dance film.

Playful and prolific, in the space of a few years LA-based 100% Silk (the dance offshoot of the Not Not Fun indie label) has gone from post-bass renegade to one of the scene's most exciting dance-music outfits. In 2012 head honcho Amanda Brown decided to take the 100% Silk gospel worldwide and filmmaker Benjamin Shearn came along for the ride.

The result is Silk, a one-of-a-kind electronic-music tour film, where footage of dynamic parties in Moscow, Berlin, Bristol and more is intercut with sequences of specially choreographed contemporary dance pieces as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses of daily life on the road. Featuring tracks from LA Vampires, Ital, Maria Minerva and Magic Touch, Silk is an expressionistic journey into the soul of dance music, where melody, emotion and sensation collapse into one all-consuming whole.

D Benjamin Shearn P Amanda Kramer WS Gatling Pictures TD HD Cam/2013

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