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ROHMER IN PARIS Unclassified 18+

Masters & Restorations | Feature
D Richard Misek | UK, 2013
L English,French
Tags: After Work, Architecture, Australian Premiere, Documentary, Essay, Films by Film Critics

"The canny assemblage … reveals Rohmer's career-long emphasis on his characters' map-accurate passage through the streets of Paris." – The New Yorker

Over a more than 50-year career, Éric Rohmer marked out a niche as one of the French New Wave's most revered (and consistent) filmmakers. Here, Richard Misek – spurred on by the discovery of his own unintentional cameo in one of Rohmer's films – uses clips from the French master's œuvre to meticulously construct a topography of items, themes and places, resulting in a cinematic love letter to the filmmaker and to Paris.

A must-see essay film for Rohmer enthusiasts, and a compelling introduction for those discovering his work for the first time.

"With the help of a bountiful collection of clips from the films, placed with the precision of an astute film historian, Misek has created a work of intelligence and passion worthy of his subject." – Artforum

For more contextual information on the film, the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Melbourne has prepared a study guide, which you can read here.

D/P Richard Misek WS Pascale Ramonda L English, French w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2013

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