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R100 Unclassified 18+

Accent on Asia | Feature
D Hitoshi Matsumoto | Japan, 2013
L Japanese
Tags: Absurdist, Australian Premiere, Black Comedy, Head Trip, Sexuality

"Fight Club as directed by Luis Buñuel." – Indiewire

Always an artistic master of the weird and wild, with R100 filmmaker Hitoshi Matsumoto (Symbol, MIFF 2010; DaiNipponjin, MIFF 2008) follows a middle-aged furniture salesman through a monotone world where he escapes routine by joining an S&M club. He signs an unbreakable contract to be beaten – anywhere, anytime – by beautiful dominatrices for a year.

In a surrealistic adjunct, the salesman's fetishism forms part of another movie directed by a 100-year-old man. A censorship committee deems this film unwatchable for anyone under the age of 100, hence the rating restriction of R100.

R100 is complemented with a score that shifts from gentle piano music to ‘70s disco, and breaks from total silence into what Variety calls "David Lynchian blasts of noise". Sounds strange? It is. And an utter riot.

"Matsumoto has made a movie that's entirely batshit crazy, and it's the single funniest thing I've seen in the last decade." – Aint it Cool News

D/S Hitoshi Matsumoto P Akihiko Okamoto WS Free Stone Productions L Japanese w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013

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