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QUEEN & COUNTRY Unclassified 18+

International Panorama | Feature
D John Boorman | France,Ireland,Romania,UK, 2014
Tags: Australian Premiere, Biography, Comedy, Historical, Relationships, Screened at Cannes, Star Power

"It almost plays like a British version of M*A*S*H at times, but with a sweet sincerity that makes it clear that while it's a very funny film, it's not a joke." –

In 1952 London, 18-year-old Billy decides to join the army, right on the cusp of the Korean War. The shy teen falls under the spell of hellraising womaniser Percy, and the two mischievously keep themselves entertained as the returning threat of combat looms over them.

Working with a cast that includes Richard E Grant, David Thewlis and Sinéad Cusack, legendary director John Boorman (Deliverance) returns to his autobiographical roots, revisiting the family from his renowned 1987 film Hope and Glory.

"This is like the companionable second volume of an autobiography in film form – you'll whip through it in no time, and come out wanting more." – The Telegraph

D/S John Boorman P Kieran Corrigan, John Boorman WS Le Pacte TD DCP/2014

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