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PRINT THE LEGEND Unclassified 18+

I Dream of Genius: Science and Technology on Screen | Feature
D Clay Tweel,Luis Lopez | USA, 2014
Tags: Australian Premiere, Conversation Starters, Documentary, Technology

"The best documentary on startup culture since" – Twitch

Touted as the next industrial revolution, 3D printing is rapidly changing the world. This fascinating documentary captures both the thrills of innovation and the everyday dramas of turning that innovation into a successful business in the country that idolises the American Dream.

Winner of the Special Jury Award for Editing and Storytelling at SXSW, Print the Legend follows the key players as they grapple with escalating sales, brutal competition, clashing egos and the very real ethical questions this new technology has unleashed: 3D printing may be ingenious but it is also a threat.

A powerful study of geek entrepreneurship and the hyper-masculine, ruthlessly capitalist politics that often underpin it, Print the Legend is a timely and eye-opening portrait of a technology that may be about to alter everything we know.

"Compelling … as cutting-edge as these innovations may be, the dramatic trajectory here could hardly be more timeless or universally applicable." – Variety

D Luis Lopez, Clay Tweel P Seth Gordon, Dan O'Meara, Chad Troutwine WS Dogwoof TD HD Cam/2014

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