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POINT AND SHOOT Unclassified 18+

Documentaries | Feature
D Marshall Curry | USA, 2014
Tags: Australian Premiere, Award Winner, Documentary, Drama, Political, Thriller

"Fascinating … as much a coming-of-age story and an exploration on the ever-evolving nature of filmmaking as it is a riveting tale of war and conflict." – Vulture

Twice Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Marshall Curry returns with the thrilling tale of Matt VanDyke (Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution, MIFF 2013), a meek 27-year-old from a privileged upbringing in Baltimore, whose journey of self-discovery saw him joining the revolutionary forces in the fight against tyrannical dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

After graduating from Georgetown University, VanDyke purchased a motorcycle and a video camera before embarking on a self-described "crash course in manhood". Three years and 56,000 kilometres later, he would find himself at the epicentre of the Libyan people's uprising: a tricky situation for anyone, but even more so for a middle-class man grappling with obsessive-compulsive disorder. As he played his part, VanDyke also used his camera to capture a seminal moment in history and a personal transformation that is as naïve as it was courageous.

Best Documentary winner at the Tribeca Film Festival.

"An unsettlingly ambivalent and often darkly amusing portrait of a generation hellbent on documenting itself." – Tribeca jury

D/S Marshall Curry P Marshall Curry, Elizabeth Martin, Matthew VanDyke WS Roco Films TD DCP/2014

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