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OCULUS Unclassified 18+

Night Shift | Feature
D Mike Flanagan | USA, 2013
Tags: Australian Premiere, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

"Not just a great midnight film; it's a great film, period." – Twitch

Crowned by Ain't it Cool News as "the best-ever Stephen King adaptation not actually based on anything by Stephen King", Oculus sees filmmaker Mike Flanagan well and truly earn his horror stripes with one of the big audience favourites from last year's Midnight Madness program at the Toronto International Film Festival.

A 20-something, Tim, gets released from protective custody having been accused of murdering his parents 10 years earlier. His sister, Kaylie, remains convinced their deaths were not at the hand of Tim, but due to a wicked supernatural force unleashed through the Lasser Glass: an antique mirror in their childhood home.

"One of the most stressful, disorienting and hypnotizing divebombs into child's-eye horror I've ever sat through. In fact, last night I had a nightmare about it." – Fangoria

D Mike Flanagan P Trevor Macy, Marc D. Evans S Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard Dist Roadshow Films TD DCP/2013

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