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IRANIAN Unclassified 18+


Documentaries | Feature
D Mehran Tamadon | France,Switzerland, 2014
L Farsi
Tags: Documentary, Political

"How can public space in Iran be shared by atheists like myself as well as by the religious, who have the monopoly of power?" – Director Mehran Tamadon

Mehran Tamadon, a Paris-based Iranian filmmaker and avowed atheist, convinces four hardline Iranian mullahs to stay with him. Over two days, Tamadon challenges their views on topics such as women's rights, music and freedom, as he tries desperately to find a common ground.

Exploring the same themes as his award-winning 2009 film Bassidji, Tamadon spent years convincing the mullahs to take part in this film, risking his own safety in his quest to understand the Islamic extremists of his home country. The result is surprising, humorous and enlightening.

"Iranian offers valuable insight into the world of current Iranian religion and politics, a surprisingly large amount of laughs, and a scathing review of democracy's chances in a state ruled by religion." – Movie Mezzanine

D Mehran Tamadon P Raphael Pillosio, Elena Tatti WS Doc and Film L Farsi w/English subtitles TD DCP/2014

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