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HUMAN CAPITAL Unclassified 18+

Il Capitale Humano

International Panorama | Feature
D Paolo Virzi | Italy, 2014
L Italian
Tags: Adaptation, Thriller

Stephen Amidon's unflinching novel is given a stylish Italian makeover in Paolo Virzì's class-critiquing murder mystery.

When a cyclist is killed one wintry night, two families are drawn together as the truth behind the accident is revealed.

A hit in Italy, this adaptation successfully transposes Amidon's tale of greed and social mobility from upmarket Connecticut to the wealthy region of Varese, north of Milan. Here, among the refined lives of the super-rich and the social climbers who hang off them, the story unfolds in three tension-laden chapters, each told from a different perspective.

Featuring a top-notch cast including Valeria Bruni Tedeschi in one of her best performances (she won Best Actress at the Tribeca Film Festival), and impressive newcomer Matilde Gioli, this is a searing portrait of modern-day Italy that is both chilling and intriguing.

Also stars Valeria Golino and Fabrizio Gifuni.

"Not just a chic thriller, but an engrossing study of Italian society and a downward-spiralling economy." – Hollywood Reporter

D Paolo Virzi P Marco Cohen, Fabrizio Donvito, Benedetto Habib S Francesco Bruni, Paolo Virzi, Francesco Piccolo Dist Hi Gloss Entertainment L Italian w/English subtitles TD DCP/2014

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