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HOPE Unclassified 18+

International Panorama | Feature
D Boris Lojkine | France, 2014
L Arabic,English,French
Tags: Australian Premiere, Award Winner, Drama, Political, Screened at Cannes, Sexuality, Thriller

"As authentic as it is without compromise ... the incredible and moving realism that emerges reveals a director whose work should be kept an eye on." – Cineuropa

Thrown together by tragedy and circumstance, Nigerian woman Hope and Cameroonian man Leonard form an unlikely and uneasy partnership as they attempt the perilous journey to Europe. Beset on all sides by threats and violence, Hope needs Leonard to survive. But love is an unpredictable currency in a place like the Sahara and danger knows few boundaries.

Winner of the 2014 Critics' Week award for Best Screenplay at Cannes, Hope is the remarkably assured fiction debut from documentarian Boris Lojkine. A searingly realised picture of despair and desire in Northern Africa, it offers a clear-eyed and unflinching portrayal of humanity at its best and worst, and the unquenchable hope that remains when all else is lost.

D/S Boris Lojkine P Bruno Nahon WS Pyramide International L French, English, Arabic w/English subtitles TD DCP/2014

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