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GOD HELP THE GIRL Unclassified 18+

Backbeat | Feature
D Stuart Murdoch | UK, 2014
Tags: 20 somethings, After Work, Auteur, Book Club, Date Night, Feel Good, Music, Urban

Belle & Sebastian's frontman Stuart Murdoch makes his directorial debut with this bittersweet musical.

After escaping from a hospital where she's being treated for depression, Eve (Emily Browning) is lured by the bright lights of the city and the promise of pop music as redemption. Following her as she recruits neurotic, downtrodden guitarist James (Olly Alexander) and scatterbrained Cassie (Hannah Murray) to form a band, God Help the Girl is a lush and alluring romp through a dreamy Glaswegian summer full of songs, longing and laughter.

Playing out like a Belle & Sebastian song come to life on the big screen, Murdoch's debut film is a delicately refreshing musical brimming over with melancholy whimsy and charm.

"Part old-school musical and part coming-apart-at-the-seams psychodrama, Stuart Murdoch's story of three Scottish misfits who start a band is rife with the kind of giddy thrills and hormonal flushes you associate with being a teen." – Esquire

D/S Stuart Murdoch P Barry Mendel Dist Transmission Films TD DCP/2014

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