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FOCUS ON INFINITY Unclassified 18+

I Dream of Genius: Science and Technology on Screen | Feature
D Joerg Burger | Austria, 2014
Tags: Australian Premiere, Conversation Starters, Documentary, Environment, Faith, Head Trip, Science, Technology

"It could be the best science fiction film of the year. Except it's not fiction." – The Film Stage

In labs, observatories and particle accelerators around the globe, astronomers, physicists and philosophers are burrowing toward the fundamental truths of our universe: from the Vatican Observatory's emeritus director, exploring space in search of God, to Area 51 to the scientists seeking to answer the (thus far) unanswerable, they all want to understand the laws and theories that seek to explain our place within a cosmos so complex no human can comprehend it.

Filmmaker Joerg Burger has spent the last few years journeying to these far-flung outposts on a quest to understand those who have dedicated their lives to the unknowable. A visually stunning, deeply philosophical meditation on the biggest questions humanity has yet found to ask, Focus on Infinity is both a lyrical science documentary and an awe-inspiring, mind-bending tour to the outer reaches of our knowledge, where mathematics, philosophy and religion fuse and become one.

D/P/S Joerg Burger WS sixpackfilm TD DCP/2014

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