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Australian Showcase | Feature
D Kasimir Burgess | Australia, 2014
Tags: Australia, Auteur, Crime, Drama, Environment, Family, Melbourne

Fell is the stunning debut drama from Melbourne director and MIFF Accelerator alumnus Kasimir Burgess.

When Thomas Ryan's (Matt Nable) only daughter is killed in a hit-and-run accident, his life grinds to a halt. Unable to let go of his grief, Thomas waits until the driver, Luke (Daniel Henshall), is released from prison and then tracks him to the remote mountain town where he's begun working as a tree-feller. Moving in next door, Thomas changes his identity to become Chris, and sets his sights on revenge. But things get complicated when he discovers that Luke has a young daughter, and as the relationship between the two men evolves Chris discovers that in the forest new life often comes to replace the old.

From Natasha Pincus’ taut and unsettling script, Fell is a sharply nuanced debut feature. Set in Victoria's breathtakingly picturesque Southern Alps, it is a drama of two very different men linked by a grief and remorse that will save, or destroy, them both.

"[An] outstanding portrait of life and death." – Screen Daily

Kasimir Burgess is a festival guest.

D Kasimir Burgess P John Maynard, Mary Minas S Natasha Pincus Dist Transmission Films TD DCP/2014

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