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Gou Shi San

Accent on Asia | Feature
D Cao Baoping | China, 2013
L Mandarin
Tags: Australian Premiere, Drama

"Anchored by a strong performance from its young star, Einstein and Einstein is the kind of contemporary drama that connects because of its relevance and resonance, as well as working as a peek inside modern urban China." – Hollywood Reporter

Thirteen-year-old Li Wan (an extraordinary Zhang Xueying) is a typical teenager, with the usual teenage anxieties, with one exception: she's growing up in a country that restricts births and values boys over girls, so she's been packed off to live with her grandparents so that her father can start a new family. To cover his guilt, he gifts her a puppy named Einstein. Neglecting it at first, Li Wan eventually learns to love her pet – and learns some important life lessons in the process.

Filmmaker Cao Baoping combines bold commentary with a unique, bittersweet coming-of-age tale set within a nation torn between tradition and modernisation. As a cycle of hope and heartbreak plays out, Einstein and Einstein queries the practices of the past while looking towards a brighter future.

"A damning portrait of the brave new world of China's millennial generation." – Twitch

D Cao Baoping P Cao Baoping, Li Hongbin S Mia Jiao WS Beijing Enlight Pictures Co. Ltd L Mandarin w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013

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