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COME WORRY WITH US! Unclassified 18+

Backbeat | Feature
D Helene Klodawsky | Canada, 2013
Tags: Australian Premiere, Documentary, Music

The struggle to balance parenthood with the realities of life as a working, and therefore touring, musician forms the nucleus of this rockumentary unlike any other.

Making a living from music in the era of downloads and piracy is difficult enough, even as an internationally acclaimed band; but when Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra members Jessica Moss and Efrim Menuck welcomed their son Ezra to the world, and to their by-necessity nomadic lives, the old pressures of financial insecurity, artistic integrity and life-work balance are joined by the new challenge of raising a family. Adding further complications are Jessica's realisation that she has fallen into the traditional role of mother, and Efrim's dual obligations with Thee Silver Mt. Zion and his other band, Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Award-winning filmmaker Helene Klodawsky follows the band on the road as these pressures begin to mount, producing an honest, beautifully shot profile that will speak not just to fans of post-rock but to anyone struggling with the 21st-century anxieties of making a living while maintaining the integrity of an artistic life.

"Brings to life the ordinary anxieties and moments of transcendent joy in everybody's existence." – Vanity Fair

D/S Helene Klodawsky P Katarina Soukup WS Les Films du 3 Mars TD DCP/2013

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