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CHILDREN OF THE PYRE Unclassified 18+

India In Flux: Living Resistance | Feature
D Rajesh S. Jala | India, 2008
L Hindi
Tags: Coming of Age, Documentary, Retrospective

"A saga of exploitation that celebrates the victory of innocence over the harrowing realities of life." – Village Voice

Kashmiri director Rajesh S Jala's stark filmic explorations of Indian life reach their apex in Children of the Pyre, an unforgettable documentary about North India's most despised "untouchables".

Manikarnika Ghat, on the shores of the Ganges, is an open-air crematorium at the holiest of India's seven sacred cities. Focusing on the lives of seven children who work here in almost unbearable heat and toxic fumes, Jala shows how their camaraderie and youthful exuberance can help overcome the obstacles life throws at them.

A heartbreaking but deeply moving depiction of the exploitation that endures despite India's unprecedented economic growth as Asia's next potential superpower, Children of the Pyre was the Best Documentary award-winner at the 2008 Montreal and São Paulo film festivals.

Supporters of Children of the Pyre have already helped four of the seven children featured to begin studying at a boarding school in Banaras. If you're interested in providing a donation, or helping the children who are the subjects of this documentary, please connect with Children of the Pyre on Facebook and register your interest to do so.

D/P Rajesh S. Jala WS Fortissimo Films L Hindi w/English subtitles TD Digital betacam/2008

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