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Night Shift | Feature
D Clif Prowse,Derek Lee | Canada,USA, 2013
Tags: Australian Premiere, Horror, Supernatural

"Proof positive that the scary possibilities of found footage have not yet been exhausted ... one hell of a confident, brash and sometimes nerve-wracking debut." – Fangoria

When Derek is diagnosed with a fatal brain aneurysm, he and best buddy Clif decide to go on a yearlong holiday around Europe and film the whole thing. However, something strange happens when Derek picks up a girl in a French nightclub and Clif later discovers him lying unconscious and wounded in his room. He seems to be fine. But then the thirst for blood begins.

Filmmakers and co-stars Derek Lee and Clif Prowse breathe new life into both the vampire and found-footage genres in the gloriously scary Afflicted, winning the Best Film, Director and Screenplay awards at Fantastic Fest for their efforts. Technically superior with an edge of jet-black humour, it offers an ingeniously crafted, thrill-laden shot in the arm for the entire field of horror filmmaking.

"There are few horror debuts as auspicious as Afflicted … Derek Lee and Clif Prowse have made an ambitious, thrilling and, most importantly, scary film that feels unique and original, even though it explores a genre almost as old as film itself." – Ain't It Cool News

D/S Derek Lee, Clif Prowse P Chris Ferguson, Zach Lipovsky Dist Sony Pictures Home Entertainment TD HD Cam/2013

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