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THE SPECIAL NEED Unclassified 18+

Documentaries | Feature
D Carlo Zoratti | Austria,Germany,Italy, 2013
L German,Italian
Tags: Award Winner, Disability, Documentary, Sexuality

"Finding a great universal truth that makes an autistic man's desires identifiable to all audiences … sweet and beautiful." – Nonfics

In his first film, director Carlo Zoratti and his friend Alex go on a journey to help their mutual friend, 29-year-old Enea, lose his virginity. Enea is autistic and when his attempts to attract girls the usual way fail, the trio sets out on an eye-opening road trip.

Winner of the International Competition at DOK Leipzig and the SX audience award at SXSW, this handsomely shot docudrama is a frank, funny and intimate film, with a deeply moving message.

"In a society likes ours, in which sex and pornography are everywhere, a film like The Special Need, which approaches sexuality not in terms of performance but rather in its most emotional, intimate and vulnerable nuances, acquires a truly revolutionary meaning." – Vogue

D Carlo Zoratti P Henning Kamm S Carlo Zoratti, Cosimo Bizzarri WS Wide Management L Italian, German w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013

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