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WISH I WAS HERE Unclassified 18+

International Panorama | Feature
D Zach Braff | USA, 2014
Tags: 20 somethings, After Work, Comedy, Date Night, Drama, Faith, Family, Feel Good, Festival Blockbusters, Relationships, Star Power

"Ten years after Garden State, Zach Braff returns to directing with this funny and heart-warming take on fatherhood." –

Director Zach Braff stars as Aidan Bloom, an out-of-work 30-something actor with few job prospects. Kate Hudson plays his wife, Sarah, the family breadwinner, whose pay cheques aren't enough to cover their children's private Jewish school fees, especially after Aidan's father (Mandy Patinkin) suffers a relapse of his cancer and can no longer afford to help out financially. Unwilling to send the kids to a public school, Aidan decides to homeschool them.

Co-writing with his brother Adam, Braff has delivered an unofficial spiritual sequel to Garden State, displaying a similar quirkiness and offbeat humour, but with a deeper maturity. Also featuring Josh Gad as Aidan's brother, and addressing questions of religion, responsibility and mortality, this is a perceptive, passionate and witty film about family.

D Zach Braff P Stacey Sher, Zach Braff, Adam J. Braff, Michael Shamberg, Matthew Andrews S Zach Braff, Adam J. Braff Dist Transmission Films TD DCP/2014

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