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112 WEDDINGS Unclassified 18+

Documentaries | Feature
D Doug Block | USA, 2014
Tags: Australian Premiere, Biography, Comedy, Conversation Starters, Documentary, Feel Good, First Timers, Relationships, Romance

Finding the secrets of life, love and long-lasting happiness, one wedding video at a time.

Making ends meet while chasing the filmmaking dream is a common dilemma, and for Doug Block (The Heck with Hollywood, MIFF 1991), wedding videography filled the gap. For two decades, his camera captured the happiest day of his clients' lives – but when the work was over, he barely gave them another thought. When the anniversary of his own nuptials approached, he started to wonder about their fates. Who stood the test of time? What challenges did they face?

Compiling an intimate now-and-then snapshot of the romances Block preserved for posterity, 112 Weddings is a meditation on the mystery of marriage: what we think it will be, and how it turns out.

"A wonderfully playful, startlingly tragic film that will surely move anyone who's ever been in love." –

D Doug Block P Lori Cheatle WS Dogwoof TD DCP/2014

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