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Films In 2013

There are about 1.5 billion people living without electricity worldwide. Of these, 400 million people live in India. – World Energy Outlook ... Kanpur, an industrial town of three million-plus, is the image of a modern dystopia: crumbling infrastructure, poverty, pollution and rolling ... Read more
"An odd little gem of a movie." - Hollywood Reporter ... In the summer of 1988 two mismatched tent-mates - uptight, introspective Alvin (Paul Rudd) and his girlfriend's younger brother, antsy partygoer Lance (Emile Hirsch) - get a dead-end job repainting lane markers down the middle of a long ... Read more
"Both a captivating personal story and a history of a moment - as the best rock documentaries are." - Flavorwire ... As a founder of the riot grrrl movement in the 1990s, singer Kathleen Hanna was a force of nature. As the leader of punk band Bikini Kill and dance-punk trio Le Tigre, Hanna became ... Read more
"Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it." – Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky ... In February 2012, five women wearing brightly coloured balaclavas rushed the altar of a Moscow Russian Orthodox Cathedral with microphones, speakers and a guitar and ... Read more
Life is good in Rabbitland - its rabbit inhabitants have reached the highest stage of evolution where they have no brains and happily spend their days voting in the free and democratic elections. ... D Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr P Jelena Mitrovic, Lazar Lalic S Ana Nedeljkovic WS Ba&scaron ... Read more
In the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese tsunami, a team of volunteers recover and restore photographs, before attempting to return them to their owners. ... D/S Nathanael Carton P Jonathan Berguig WS notrac productions L Japanese w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2013 ... Read more
"This is the best documentary film on a wine subject in many years … Even if you have no interest in wine see this movie for what it says about power, wealth and vanity." – Stuart Pigott, UK wine writer ... The prestigious world of luxury wines is the subject of this smartly put ... Read more
The format may be long obsolete, but millennial geeks are revelling in the grainy, outrageous joy of VHS. ... Video cassettes upended the way we watched television and movies, but in the modern world of HD, Blu-ray and VOD, tape seems tapped out. Yet a handful of rabid geeks adore the format, not ... Read more
"A lush and bruising coming-of-age story." – Screen Daily ... Fathers, sons and fireworks sit at the centre of The Rocket, the tale of a seemingly cursed Laotian youngster beset by misfortune at every turn. Only his sheer determination in the face of danger can light the path to a new ... Read more
A student working at a currency exchange booth in an illegal gambling house discovers there is such a thing as being too safe. Winner of the 2013 Short Film Palme d'Or. ... D/P Moon Byoung-gon S Kwon O-kwang L Korean w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
A document of energy forms in states of vibrating transmutation, this audio-visual composition uses LEDs, strobes and torches to create a mechanical ‘light-score'. ... World Premiere. ... D/P Joel Stern, Pia Borg L no dialogue TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
"A jaggedly moving study of a feral adolescent on a rough journey to grace." – Variety ... Against the grim backdrop of a Bradford housing estate, two wayward teenagers – the volatile Arbor and his softly spoken friend, Swifty – begin "scrapping" for a metal ... Read more
"Thirteen works by popular American painter Edward Hopper spring to life in this experimental Austrian tour-de-force." - Hollywood Reporter ... Edward Hopper's compositions are renowned for their cinematic appeal, and have long influenced filmmakers. In this ambitious film, director Gustav Deutsch ... Read more
Winner of the Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury for Best Feature Film at this year's Berlinale. ... Set in 1981 in a small town on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington, Shopping reveals the racial tensions of the era through the eyes of a half-Samoan teenager. Sixteen-year-old ... Read more
"As silently observational as Bestiaire … Daniel Hoesl's [film] exhibits a practiced but seemingly effortless control that signals a filmmaker with utmost confidence in his material." – Film Threat ... Forty-something protagonist Fanni leads a bourgeois life anchored by a certain ... Read more
"This bittersweet ode to the moment of childhood's end builds quietly to a pitch-perfect finale." – Variety ... For Sutter, a charming high-school senior and budding alcoholic, the now is all that matters. It is where he can live in the moment and be the life of the party. But after a ... Read more
"The film works all at once as a lament, a celebration and a wake-up call to modern politicians and voters." – Time Out London ... Focusing on the pivotal post-WWII era in British history, Ken Loach's first feature-length documentary since 1998's The Flickering Flame is a timely ... Read more
"It is a film about defying the odds, sticking it to the man and telling the cynics to shut their pie-holes!" - filmmaker Shane Meadows ... When Ian Brown sang I Wanna Be Adored, the opening song of their 1989 eponymous debut, Manchester band the Stone Roses became self-prophesisers. Decades after ... Read more
"While its graphic scenes of gay sex are what will grab headlines, what was most impressive to us was the film's unique mood: Guiraudie creates an ambiance of eerie atmospherics that is at once crisp and observant, and oddly dreamlike, or nightmarish. " - Indiewire ... In a picturesque lakeside ... Read more
"This remarkable film puts us in their shoes – literally between the world's most ferocious rock and the icy hard place of imminent death." – Hollywood Reporter ... In the tradition of Kevin MacDonald's Touching the Void, The Summit thrusts audiences headfirst into a thrilling tale of ... Read more
Following the Sunnyboys' enigmatic frontman Jeremy Oxley from the band's origins, breakthrough success and his subsequent 30-year battle with schizophrenia, The Sunnyboy is one man's inspired story of survival and hope. ... A meditation on a condition often stigmatised and misunderstood, Kaye ... Read more
Accelerator alumnus Rodd Rathjen (The Stranger, MIFF 2011) returns to MIFF with this poetic tale of a young Himalayan shepherd whose curiosity is bigger than the vastness of his surroundings. ... D/P/S Rodd Rathjen L Ladakhi w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
"We think of the film as this living collage … taking all of these images and voices and histories of youth from the past and re-scrambling them into something that feels like a new work." - director Matt Wolf ... With the future of the world at stake, the battle between adults and youths ... Read more
"A delicate, delightful and thoroughly captivating road trip of reminiscences, Marion Hänsel's film … is a magnificently mature piece of work driven by thoughtful and engaging performances by Marilyne Canto and Olivier Gourmet." - Screen Daily ... Fifteen years after their divorce ... Read more
"Heartwrenching … a breathtaking piece of work." - Criterion Cast ... In Karachi, Pakistan, 10-year-old runaway Omar grapples with the question of home: is it on the streets, at an orphanage or with the family he fled? Deeply moving but unsentimental, These Birds Walk intertwines the stories ... Read more
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