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"May be the funniest, most meta music movie since Spinal Tap." - Pitchfork ... In 2010 indie darlings The National set out on a world tour on the back of their critically acclaimed album, High Violet. Joining them as a roadie was frontman Matt Berninger's younger brother Tom, a general layabout ... Read more
Dirty Harry meets Run Lola Run in writer/director Amit Kumar's kinetic, bracingly ambitious debut feature. ... On the mean streets of Mumbai, idealistic rookie cop Adi finds himself trapped between the ethical murk of his trigger-happy boss Khan and the menace of local gang executioner Shiva. Given ... Read more
"(A) keenly observed, beautifully filmed documentary … keeps its audience enthralled from sunny start to tear-stained finish." - London Evening Standard ... UK dairy farmer Stephen Hook is determined that his small farm will not follow the way of so many others: scaled up or gone bust. His ... Read more
Amélie meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on a cloud car in Michel Gondry's latest hallucinatory cinematic delirium. ... The ever-whimsical Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep) reunites Audrey Tautou and Romain Duris (The Spanish Apartment ... Read more
A woman suffers complications after having sex. Her partner takes her to the hospital, but getting help proves to be difficult. ... D Ali Asgari P Sasan Salour S Ali Asgari, Farnoosh Samadi WS Khaneye 8 Film Production L Persian w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
"You're in rock ‘n' roll heaven, man." - Keith Richards ... In the 1960s, the tiny Alabama town of Muscle Shoals became the unlikely source of some of the most creative and celebrated funk and soul music in American history. ... Under the control of FAME Studios founder Rick Hall, white ... Read more
"Kurdish cinema has come into its own ... [A] delightful, poker-faced takeoff on the cowboy movie set on the Iraq-Turkish border." - Hollywood Reporter ... Baran is a hero. Or was - ever since Saddam fell, the Kurdish army has fallen apart. Becoming police chief in a remote border town, he is ... Read more
An accomplished Australian thriller that deftly fuses genres – contemporary western meets small-town detective drama – to produce an outback murder mystery with a wry, comic undertow. ... Detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen) returns to the remote outback town in which he grew ... Read more
There is a war going on in Juárez, and every war has a soundtrack. Meet the troubadours of Mexico's drug cartels: the narcocorridos. ... El Paso, Texas, is one of the most peaceful cities in the US. Just across the fence is Mexico's Ciudad Juárez, one of the deadliest places on the ... Read more
Lilly wants to get her ears pierced, but her arguing parents prevent the moment from happening as planned. Winner of the Cinéfondation Selection at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. ... D/S Anahita Ghazvinizadeh P Zoe Sua Cho TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
Hell may be other people, but sometimes they're also our salvation. ... In the stark confines of Amsterdam airport, 39-year-old Mirte works as a cleaner for a detention facility where new asylum seekers are held for 10 days before being released. Troubled and wary, Mirte's safe routine is shattered ... Read more
"A tough, absorbing and watchable crime drama ... marks [Noer] out as a talent to keep on watching." – Screen ... In the rundown, impoverished Copenhagen suburb of Nordvest, 18-year-old Caspar is his family's primary breadwinner: a low-level burglar trying to rob his way to a better ... Read more
Two young Syrians whose lives have been upended by war - 32-year-old resistance fighter Mowya and 24-year-old journalist Nour - explain why they're fighting. ... D Matthew VanDyke P Matthew VanDyke, Nour Kelze TD HD Cam/2013 ... Read more
Since losing his sight, John's discovered the sound and texture of the rain gives depth, detail and form to the world around him. ... D Peter Middleton, James Spinney P Jen Kerrison, Peter Middleton WS Fee Fie Foe Films TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
"By comparison, Funny Games looks like a teddy bear's picnic." – Screen Daily ... Fed up with the religious establishment, a vulnerable Tore comes to Hamburg to join Christian punk movement the Jesus Freaks. Following a chance meeting where he miraculously fixes Benno's car, Tore soon ... Read more
"Everybody who knows us has forgotten us." ... When four very different teenage boys get lost in the forest, it seems like a small misadventure, making an already tiresome school excursion even worse. When they emerge they discover that not only has everybody forgotten them, but they've also been ... Read more
Desperate to win the acceptance of the older boys he idolises, 15-year-old Casey agrees to rob a war veteran's cabin. An atmospheric story about peer pressure and culpability from the team behind The Sunshine State (MIFF 2012). ... World Premiere. ... D/S Sam Dixon P Skye White TD HD Cam/2013 ... Read more
Director of the Golden Globe-winning Paradise Now (MIFF 2005), Hany Abu-Assad returns with another intimate take on the Israel–Palestine conflict in a film that will once again divide audiences. ... Forced to scale a wall and dodge bullets just to see his girlfriend Nadia, Omar lives a life ... Read more
Colourfully animated, darkly funny and packed with wonderfully bizarre and satirical ideas, Pandas makes a case for the black-and-white bears being the perfect Darwinian species. ... D/S Matúš Vizár P Peter Badac, Tomáš Hrubý WS BFILM L no dialogue TD ... Read more
"A disarmingly funny and tender examination of sex and religion." - Indiewire ... Part two of Ulrich Seidl's trilogy joins Anna Maria (a fabulous Maria Hofstätter), the sister of Paradise: Love's Teresa, as she, too, embarks on a holiday. In this case it is to the outskirts of Vienna, where ... Read more
"This final part of [Ulrich Seidl's] eccentric trilogy yields unexpected pleasures." - Hollywood Reporter ... Thirteen-year-old Meli (the daughter of Teresa from Love) has been deposited at a diet camp in the Austrian hills in the hope she will lose a few pounds over the summer. Hopelessly ... Read more
"An intricate and often brilliant drama, with restrained and intelligent performances; there is an elegantly patterned mosaic of detail, unexpected plot turns, suspenseful twists and revelations." - The Guardian ... Iranian director Asghar Farhadi follows up the breakout success of the ... Read more
Maia Thomas stars as Crystal: a mother, a lover, a stripper and a cancer patient. Confronting death, she grasps at life and faces herself and the ones she loves without deception. Directed by Miranda Nation (Eli the Invincible, MIFF 2011). ... D/S Miranda Nation P Lyn Norfor Dist Emerald ... Read more
There is one kind of history they teach you in school and another which tells how things really happened. ASIO's files reveal how things really happened in Australia. ... Since 1949, ASIO has opened files on over 500,000 citizens. Today, these records are a unique dossier of dissent and a treasure ... Read more
These are the stories of ordinary people swept into ASIO's secret war on subversion and dissent. ... In this second session of Persons of Interest, Frank Hardy's son Alan looks through his father's ASIO file for the first time and sees a history of the left and his father's struggle with misplaced ... Read more
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