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"Almodóvar followers who have secretly been hankering for a return to the broad, transgressive comedy of his early work will be thrilled by I'm So Excited!, a hugely entertaining, feelgood celebration of human sexuality." - Variety ... Ten thousand feet in the air, Mexico-bound Peninsula ... Read more
"I used to be darker. Then I got lighter, then I got darker again. Something too big to be seen was passing over and over me." ... Prompted by her own dramas, 19-year-old Northern Irish runaway Taryn leaves her summer job and heads to Baltimore to stay with her aunt and uncle, both musicians. But ... Read more
The Cannes Film Festival 2013 Caméra d'Or winner. ... In 1997 in the midst of a looming financial crisis, Teresa arrives in Singapore from the Philippines with hopes of a better life. There she finds work as a maid for a couple and their troubled son. But as the bond grows between Teresa and the ... Read more
"In a world... where female writers are scarce and female writer/directors even more so, Lake Bell has done both with panache in her feature debut ... a meta-commentary on the persistent and open sexism in Hollywood. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s funny to boot." – The Playlist ... Read more
"An impressive coming-of-age feature about female friendship, fatal feuds and family friction in post-Soviet Georgia." - Hollywood Reporter ... For 14-year-olds Eka and Natia, growing up in Tbilisi in 1992 is not easy. With the Soviet Union's collapse still reverberating, the best friends also need ... Read more
"Hello Sir, Bob Maguire, the mad priest. Sooner or later, surely, all media will discover that I'm a fraud." – Father Bob Maguire ... Having faithfully served his South Melbourne parish for nearly four decades, the cantankerous, controversial Catholic provocateur affectionately ... Read more
In Kennesaw, Virginia, gun ownership is mandatory by law: every household must own a minimum of one working gun, with ammunition. Using still, black-and-white photos and audio excerpts, director Nicolas Levesque paints a strange, sobering portrait of the townspeople and a gun culture that's unique ... Read more
Retired British boxing champion Sean Murphy and his daughter Lucy both live and breathe boxing. Now Sean is training Lucy so that she can realise her dream of competing at the next Olympics. ... D Brian Harrington P Peter Maynard WS Mensch Films TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
"Actor Andrzej Chyra delivers a full-bodied portrait of a devout country priest struggling with his sexuality." – Hollywood Reporter ... Set in a one-horse rural community, In the Name Of... tells the story of Adam, a young, progressive priest sent to oversee the local parish and manage ... Read more
"An affecting study of female adolescence and unrequited longing ... one of the most involving and sensually lush debuts in recent memory." – Cinema Scope ... Summer in Brooklyn and wide-eyed 14-year-old Lila is a mess of awkwardness, naivety and hormones. Inspired by the exploits of her ... Read more
"Visually stunning, vividly emotional." - Variety ... From award-winning director Reha Erdem (Kosmos, MIFF 2010; Times and Winds, MIFF 2007) comes Jîn, the story of a young Kurdish rebel who breaks away to find life and solace in the wilderness. ... By moonlight, 17-year-old Jîn ... Read more
"The Blackfoot believed that dreams foretold the future. We think that dreams shed a little light on the past." ... Benicio Del Toro stars alongside Mathieu Amalric in this intriguing and subtle drama about an unconventional psychoanalyst and the broken veteran he hopes to heal. James Picard is a ... Read more
"A film about radio is a little unnatural: how can you film radio without shattering its mystery?" - Director Nicolas Philibert ... One of the strengths of radio is surely how our reception of it, immune from the influence of vision, is at once in sharper focus but more open to imagination and ... Read more
A troubled young man at a mental health institution gets a quiet new roommate. The pair become close friends, bonded over a mutual threat that may or may not be real. ... D/S Nicholas Verso P John Molloy WS Mushroom Pictures TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
"If Larry Clark went to Corsica and made a film, it might look an awful lot like Apaches ... a sexy adolescent thriller that masks much darker themes than its sunburnt style might suggest." - Variety ... On tourist-infested Corsica, a ragtag group of Arab and Moroccan teens seethe against their ... Read more
"A piercing, tender poem about the bittersweet ebb and flow of paternal love." - The Telegraph ... Ryota is a successful Tokyo architect who works long hours to provide for his wife, Midori, and six-year-old son, Keita. But when a blood test reveals Keita and another baby were switched at birth ... Read more
The true story of Melbourne's most iconic street, as told by the men and women who made it. ... After the disaster of World War II, a wave of Italian immigrants found their way to Melbourne – a strange place, suspicious of outsiders and completely devoid of a good cup of espresso ... Read more
"Meticulously acted, gorgeously shot and hilariously insightful about the strange, inarticulable ways people can get on one another's nerves, this psychological thriller takes its premise to surprising, darkly comic extremes." – Variety ... When Alicia (Juno Temple, from Killer Joe, MIFF ... Read more
"Like an episode of The Shield transplanted to the snow-swept Russian countryside, writer-director Yuri Bykov's The Major is a tense, handheld police thriller filled with scores of dirty cops, scenes of abrupt violence and a relentless, overriding sense of nastiness." - Hollywood Reporter ... Read more
Kasra is an Iranian author who manages to secretly write down his memoirs, although being under strict monitoring by the security service. His stories are related to his time in jail as a political prisoner, as well as different events connected to his life as an intellectual in Iran. He has ... Read more
A young man tries out for his local rugby team, but discovers that becoming part of the team involves a lot more than giving 110%. ... D Colin Hodson P Wendell Cooke, Robin Murphy S Wendell Cooke, Paul Babbage, Colin Hodson WS NZ Film Commission TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
"A must see for anyone who admires this director." – The Guardian ... While cinephiles and MIFF audiences will be familiar with his 25-year oeuvre, the wider movie community continues to discover the work of Austrian auteur Michael Haneke (Amour, MIFF 2012). On the back of numerous ... Read more
What connects an emotionally down-trod housewife, her nasty husband, a sexually frustrated dentist, an Olympic fencer and an elderly woman with a terminally ill parrot? An ultra droll, black comedy about the misfortune of others. ... World Premiere. ... D/S Mat Govoni P Si Yuan Tan WS Australian ... Read more
"What does freedom mean to a 19-year-old Buddhist girl who dreams of being of a pop star but is living under a repressive military regime?" - Director Juliet Lamont ... The western construct of ‘Girl Power' is a relatively new concept in countries such as Myanmar (also known as Burma), where ... Read more
Propaganda reels and hundreds of clay figures cleverly combine in this autobiographical documentary of childhood under Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime. ... As the only family survivor of Pol Pot's reign of terror (1975–1979), Cambodian-French director Rithy Panh (S21, The Khmer Rouge Killing ... Read more
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