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Films In 1993

A simple, albeit dramatic story. A life in fragmented memories, retold and relived in luminous, evocative images. ... Visually and aurally overwhelming, this astounding dramatised documentary is a rich retelling of one woman's story — the inspiring tale of Czech-born Johanna Kimla Ocenaskova ... Read more
A mystery tale or a fantastic fib? A tragicomedy or a terrible toothache of cosmic magnitude? ... Read more
1956. The hinterland where they still use kerosene lamps for light. Ernie Dingo plays Bill, an electrician who has no place, either in the white world in which he grew up, or in the Aboriginal world from which he was taken. When he shows up one dark night, the family that brought him up aren't glad ... Read more
"A cast of Hawks...A watch of Nightingales...A Murmuration of Starlings." This short black-and-white film is a lyrical study of the common starling, sturnis vulgari. But this is no traditional wildlife documentary, this is an innovative visual treat. Using animated, live-action and optically ... Read more
Described as a wandering genius, at age 80 Paul Erdös has no home, no job, yet he is the most prolific mathematician alive. This documentary presents his struggle to uncover truths hidden by what he describes as a stubborn adversary - God - and the tragic historical events that have shaped his ... Read more
No Place Like Home is the story of a young girl, Barbara Faye Wilson, who lives with her mother, brother and sister in homeless shelters and cheap motels. This film is arresting in both its bleak nature and emotional intensity. It unfolds as a diary, quietly observing over eight months the comings ... Read more
Greta S incorporates a sprinkling of traditional bay-area style — cutting and pasting images from an obscure range of memorabilia footage and pop culture — as she guides us through the tribulations and ecstasies of life in the 90s. No-Zone generates the feelng of reading a book, as a ... Read more
Tom Kalin's (Swoon) journeyistic collage of speeding images caught fieetingly from the window of a passing car, in the landscape glimpsed from the compartment of a tram, on the elusive sun-reflecting ripples of the sea employs a warped video-clip aesthetic in its revelation of the fleeting and ... Read more
Aliens took my mother! The most recent Aardman internee has produced a whacked-out, fluro-driven, B-movie pastiche. ... Read more
This film has a secret. The secret is not what you watch but how you watch it. In as much as the meaning of 'documentary' is concerned, Now And All Time is pure. Rich natural light, beautiful extended shots, crisp sound, austere surroundings and a laconic pace all combine to take us right into the ... Read more
This charming film follows Emil - circus director and ringmaster - and his little circus from one village to the next, through the Austrian winter landscape. The film reveals the endless routine of circus life and the personal lives of the circus director and his family. We meet his jovial partner ... Read more
Expanding from an idea originally conceived as a manner of cinematic intervention in British television, the discipline of the one-minute film continues to bear fruit as a tree of quick wit. But even in its successful brevity, it is not just a mode for getting to a point. Like this one: a dry run ... Read more
A short silent museum piece. Two actors are seen from the eye of the projector, miming out an ironic series of sentimental impressions. A conceptual animation film. ... Read more
This collage of found film footage, assembles porn movie, children's instructional film, sports coverage and 50s Hollywood musicals to con­struct an investigation of gay men's differing attitudes towards the female body. A clever and contentious film. ... Read more
Put away all your sentimental, politically correct assumptions about "inspirational" films and prepare to be strapped in for a ride through the surreal soap-umentary that is the life of thirty-four-year-old blind Californian cowgirl, Diane Starin. Candid, uncompromising and unexpected, this piece ... Read more
To a lonely man on a rainy night the corner cafe glows with the promise of coffee and romance. ... Read more
A film where repetition and stop-frame tech­niques take on new meaning. Inspired by rap "scratching" turntable music, Arnold takes an extract from the 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird to create a filmic rhythm. ... Read more
Proving himself to be as versatile as he is prolific, Kenneth Branagh's third feature film marks a distinct change of pace. Being neither a literary epic like Henry V or a Hollywoodesque thriller like Dead Again, Peter's Friends appears to be another dramatic departure for this variously talented ... Read more
Searching through the holographic starcharts, Plasmo discovers a destructive force at work in the library of Monjotroldeclipdoc! Armed with nothing but his goodness, niceness and friendliness, he finds himself engaged in a race against time to find the source of the destruction and save centuries ... Read more
Belgium's arbiter of minimalist chic, Chantal Akerman, takes a leisurely stroll through the capital, casting a casual but revealing glance at adolescent anxiety and unspoken love along the way. Thumbing her nose at period authenticity, Akerman instead incites a climate of political consciousness ... Read more
Portrait of an Artist details the process of creat­ing a large oil painting. In the words of the artist, "It's the process that's the exciting part. If you come up with a great painting at the end great. But if not, it's the process — trying to figure out why you're doing what you're ... Read more
Gosha Prokoshenkov is a thirteen year old boy living in a boys home in Moscow. This beautifully constructed cinema verite work provides a portrait from the streets rooftops and parks of one child's Moscow of today. Abandoned by his par­ents, institutionalised in an uncaring system, Gosha speaks ... Read more
A trilogy of films made for insertion between advertisements and programs on Swedish, Finnish and Russian commercial TV channels. Part short drama, part mini-commercial, these films reach way beyond both categories to become pieces of intense poetic and imaginative force. Each individual film ... Read more
A finely constructed collage film from one the founders of contemporary Austrian experimental filmmaking. Balletic movement, the underground entrance to a Viennese pissoir intercut with matted stills from a porn magazine. The rhythmic zoom of the camera, the fad of abstracted images shot through a ... Read more
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