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Films In 1982

Pete Standing Alone is a Blood Indian I caught between two worlds—the 19th j century horse culture of the Plains Indian and the energy politics of the 1980s. | He passionately believes that it should | be possible to have the best of both. ... As a young man Peter was more a part of the white ... Read more
A documentary about the remarkable career of the famous American film director, with excerpts from eleven of his best films: Inherit the Wind, On the Beach, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Defiant Ones, etc. ... Read more
A simple story about exile (both from one's country as well as one's self), and about a connection just barely missed. ... Read more
Street Kids is the result of Leigh Tilson and Rob Scott having moved into a sleazy boarding house in St. Kilda, spending several months on the streets, befriending the homeless youngsters and gaining their confidence. The film is an unvarnished account of the lives of the kids the filmmakers ... Read more
A film about a hundred cajuns, who celebrate Mardi Gras with their music and wild energy throughout the State of Lousiana. ... Read more
Swanning it in front of the mirror... ... Read more
Barry Greenwald, a former taxi driver himself, has produced a unique study of a world few of us are familiar with. Each of the drivers portrayed in the film has his own story, his own reasons for taking, up this job, but all of them enjoy the special kind of freedom it allows. Taxi explores reality ... Read more
"It is the function of television to impose silence upon the people''—Monika Hielscher and Matthias Heeder end their film with this short statement. ... Tell-A-Vision investigates the role of private cable TV in Italy since its introduction in 1976. What set out to give local groups the ... Read more
A profile of one of Britain's strangest and most exciting contemporary poets, John Cooper Clarke. ... Read more
"Tenebrae sits comfortably towards the top of Italian genre cinema for a reason." – Film School Rejects ... Peter Neal, an American horror author, is in Italy promoting his latest novel, when a young girl is brutally murdered. The killer leaves Neal a note informing him that his novels ... Read more
A satirical look at the world's most fashionable sport. ... Read more
A hilarious student film, in which a tennis match provides the vehicle for countless visual gags. ... Read more
A young man applies for a job as a reporter on a children's television show. During the next month he suffers the torture of the damned as the show's compere and producer put him through the hoops. ... Read more
Handel specifically arranged his oratorio as a triptych of three major sections, Part One dealing with the Prophecy and Christ's Nativity , Part Two the Passion, culminating in the ‘Hallelujah Chorus' , and Part Three ... taking the theme of the Redemption. ... Members of the Academy of Ancient ... Read more
Texas 1901 ... Robert M. Young's film is based on a ... popular ballad, commemorating the true ... story of a Mexican who outsmarted the ... Texas Rangers. ... In a gunfight caused by a misunderstanding, the young Mexican cowhand, Gregorio Cortez, shoots and ... kills a sheriff. Claiming to have ... Read more
Madrid, shortly after the war. The cafe ... “La Delicia” is always crowded with ... people who want shelter from the cold, ... or company; people who are hungry and ... tired, but have a strong desire to survive. ... Some of them live in their dreams , ... others try to cope with a reality that ... Read more
A gothic tale about a woman's obsession with teaching a cockatoo to speak. ... Read more
This is the first television biography of ... San Francisco's most famous and enigmatic mystery writer. It combines ... original research, interviews, literary ... criticism, and dramatic readings of ... Hammett's “hardboiled” detective ... fiction. ... It explores Hammett's life and work ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
The romantic story set in Caucasia based on the I9th century poem THE DEMON by Lermontov has been adapted to imagery of modern Berlin. ... Read more
Karl, a factory worker, is pursued by the sound of the machines he works with. ... Read more
Martin Dresher is a lover of English painting of the early Nineteenth Century —scraping a living by writing articles for art magazines. He collects paintings in a small way, with a sharp eye for bargains and lucky finds. A chance meeting at a gallery promises bargains unlooked for. ... Read more
A beautifully written and acted drama and yet a highly intellectual film, The Draughtsman's Contract combines the English tradition of film making with a murder story set in the 1690's. ... At the end of the seventeenth century a time of peace and imperial consolidation lay ahead of England, and ... Read more
Herr Hoffman often dreams that he just ... woke up and saw something strange before really waking up... Then, one day, he mistakes reality for a dream. ... Read more
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