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Films In 1982

Our Century (1982) leans towards political satire in its mesmerising, cosmic look at the Cold War-era space race. ... D Artavazd Pelechian P Studio Erevan WS Films Sans Frontières L no dialogue TD 35mm/1972 ... Our Century screens as part of the Artavazd Pelechian Shorts program, along with We and ... Read more
Men dressed up as women are a unique aspect of British pantomime. Introduced by Victoria Wood, classic Dames give ... their ideas about the character and are seen backstage and in performance. ... Read more
From the 13th to 29th of July 1982, representatives from peace- organisations in Nordic countries and the Soviet Union Participated in a March against nuclear. Weapons. With thousands of other along the route, the march proceeded from Stockholm through Finland into the Soviet Union to Moscow and ... Read more
A charming family outing ... Read more
Hermine Huntgeburth writes: "The film is a confrontation between my childhood in a small town, my very Catholic upbringing, and my feelings about life in Hamburg a year ago''. ... Read more
A commercial for Canada Customs, to discourage smuggling. ... Read more
The film examines the historical and contemporary patterns of persecution o homosexuality and makes connections with other forms of discrimination. ... Read more
Ed Stabile's first feature film tells the story of a group of newly arrived settlers at the American frontier, about one hundred years ago. ... It shows how their initial hopes and expectations are changed, how the harshness of their new lives determines their individual destinies. ... Beginning ... Read more
Cut-out animation featuring the heads of Australian politicians as balls in an intriguing game of Power Snooker, where the links of Hawke, Hayden and Fraser collide on slate. ... Read more
Unusually for a Soviet film, Private Life deals with a very private problem: the despair of an executive suddenly retired into the life of an eternal weekend. The story of this man is seen against the background of daily life in Moscow, which appears more human and lively than we are accustomed to ... Read more
A visual impression of the State of Qatar, set to music. ... Read more
Quest for Power is a film about the values, the style and goals of a new and radical Right-Wing movement in the United States: the so-called "New Right''. The film shows the leaders of this populist explosion from President Reagan down to a Californian constituent, who is tired of' “tax payers ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
A young Jewish boy looks for identity through film stars of the past and through his relationship with his grandmother. ... Read more
In his excellent first film, Craig Wood tells about a young man who is haunted by premonitions of his own death. ... Read more
A graduation film from Leeds Polytechnic Based on five poems by the Yorkshire poet, Ted Hughes, husband of the late ... Sylvia Plath. All the poems deal with the theme of death, and in the film, Christopher Ryan explores his thoughts about ... mortality and death The locations are used are all in ... Read more
Robinson's encounter with a visitor. ... Read more
The film is a unique record of a new play,' 'Rockaby", by Samuel Beckett. The world premiere took place on Beckett's 75th Birthday at the Centre for Theatric Research at the State University of New York, Buffalo. ... The film follows Billie Whitelaw's preparations for her latest Beckett role, then ... Read more
Rosa of the film's title, is Rosa Lux¬emburg, whose spirit is still alive in the old boarding house in Trieste, where she used to meet one of her companions from the "Spartakusbund." ... he inhabitants of the boarding house (the film is set in the Seventies) live in a dreamworld of a revolution ... Read more
December, 1980 lay missioner Jean Donovan and three American nuns were brutally murdered in El Salvador. Roses in December - The story of Jean Donovan chronicles the brief life of this young woman which began in comfort and affluence and ended tragically serving the poor of El Salvador. ... Read more
Originally shot on Super 8 three-minute cassettes, this lively film presents a unique and vivid insight into the relations between children on the street, their 'official' voices in the music press and the bands themselves, marking another significant step in the development of the 'punk' film. ... Read more
A current look at the problems, welfare. and potential solutions for refugees in Africa: New arrivals who have fled for their lives, refugees who have been repatriated, and refugees who have become citizens of the country to which they have fled. ... Read more
This film is a personal journey, a form of diary that ventures into the territory of the unconscious. It is based upon the exploration of the body's movements while asleep. This reality is then altered through the form of film to explore the world of mythological symbolism which is expressed in our ... Read more
A student film about a candidate for the priesthood, who pays a visit to his estranged father, in a North African country. Here, he is confronted by an alien culture that threatens his values and beliefs. ... Read more
So Far From India is a documentary about two worlds: the world of a recently-arrived Indian immigrant in America, and the traditional world of his new wife who waits for him in his ancestral home in India. ... Ashok Sheth is one of the many Indian immigrants who work in subway newstands in New York ... Read more
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