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Films In 1975

A fantasy film about man and nature, in which the interrelationships of man and his environment are symbolically revealed. ... Jury Prize, Bilbao. Bronze Medal, New York. ... Read more
A highly complex work by David Gladwell, Requiem for a Village, is an epitaph for a way of life, seen through the eyes of an old man. He recalls aspects of life in a Suffolk village before the onslaught of asphalt and machinery. ... Read more
The people portrayed in the film are called Hamar. They dwell in the thorny scrubland of southwestern Ethiopia, about a hundred miles north of Lake Rudolph, Africa's great inland sea. They are isolated by some distant choice that now limits their movement and defines their condition. At least until ... Read more
Based on Chekov's famous short story, the film tells about the unorthodox meeting between a double bass player and a Princess. ... Silver Award, Chicago ... Read more
Nine men reveal themselves through their fantasies. ... Gold Medal, Virgin Islands; Golden Hugo, Chicago ... Read more
The stunning world of fish in the depth of the sea. ... Golden Bear, Berlin. Best Short, Virgin Islands ... Read more
As in The Seduction of Mimi, Lina Wertmuller is concerned with the sexual swagger and pretension of the Italian male, but this time in a wider setting that transforms her earlier theme. Giancarlo Giannini plays Pasqualino, a desperate survivor from the slums of Naples, trading ruthlessly on his ... Read more
Shampoo offers an unrivalled collection of stars: produced by Warren Beatty, directed by Hal Ashby and co-scripted by Beatty and Robert Towne. It features Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn and Jack Warden. ... The film is set in Beverley Hills on Election Eve, November 4, 1968, as Nixon is about ... Read more
A film about the internationally acclaimed wood-block artist, Shiko Munakata, and his work. ... Read more
This ornate period melodrama, set in Poland at the turn of the century, is based on a novel by Stefan Zeromski, author of 'Ashes'. A teenage girl, strictly brought up, confesses her sins and is warned by the priest against impure thoughts. Soon afterwards she falls in love with a young man who is ... Read more
An examination of the concept of stress as experienced by a variety of people ranging from astronauts to pickpockets. The film is based on the findings of Prof. Hans Selye of the University of Montreal, who maintains that a certain degree of stress is necessary and desirable for physical and mental ... Read more
The North West area of Sutherland: its varied and startling scenery, and something of the region's history. ... Read more
Jack Thompson, Max Cullen, Peter Cummins, John Ewart: Sunday Too Far Away is a parade of Australian cinema royalty. This leather tough 1974 feature is set on an Australian sheep station in 1955 in the lead up to the infamous nine-month shearer's strike. It graphically depicts the lives of shearers ... Read more
The story of the Creation is modified by two feminist filmmakers. ... Read more
The black community with the aid of white money forms the People's Army. In some white eyes, that could only spell - The Black Gestapo. Whitey wears plaid leisure suits and white loafers. Brothers and sisters are more into uniforms and arm-bands. The ideals of Malcom X and Farrakan go astray in ... Read more
The Party Committee at a Soviet construction site ends its meeting late at night, and those taking part head for home. But the events of that day have been far from ordinary. One of the construction teams, led by Vasily Potapov, has been placed third in the socialist emulation drive; but the team ... Read more
An animated short on the subject of nutrition, it was produced for a Public Television programme, 'Feeling Good'. ... Read more
An animated film on sight and hearing tests for children. ... Read more
Director Kathy Rose's animated characters seem to create their own art in various media. ... Read more
Robin Lehman presents an intimate view of the panorama of African wildlife, and in a dramatic climax makes a poignant plea for conservation. ... Read more
The inhabitants of a small Georgian village get together in order to form a soccer team. They practice and develop their sporting skills until they are convinced they have developed an effective side. But they make the mistake of challenging professional soccer players of a British ship. (The ... Read more
Made early in Leigh's career at the BBC, but not screened until the 1982 Mike Leigh Retrospective on BBC-2, this is a series of 5 short vignettes, each five minutes in length, each designed to capture and condense a fleeting idea. ... Read more
“Mike Nichols's very funny, manically scatterbrained movie, The Fortune, is an epic version of those old two-reel comedies.” - New York Times ... From master filmmaker Mike Nichols (The Graduate, Postcards From the Edge) and screenwriter Carole Eastman (The Shooting, Five Easy Pieces) - writing ... Read more
In this comedy about wool promotion, Johnny Braithwaite, a trainee weaver in Scotland, hears that once upon a time a sheep was sheared and its wool woven into a suit in a single working day. This gives him an idea for promoting the sale of the woollen textiles produced by his firm. ... Read more
Normande St. Onge is a salesgirl in a large pharmacy in the city. Her mother is in a mental institution, and the film revolves around Normande's efforts to understand the supposed insanity of her mother and the reasons for her being in an institution. The film traces her experiences over the period ... Read more
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