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Films In 1975

Sergei Yutkevich has brought to the screen a play, 'The Bed Bug', by Soviet poet Mayakovsky. The film is introduced by Alexei Kapler, a contemporary of Mayakovsky, He acts as narrator throughout the film, which cuts between shooting in the film studio, discussions with the actors, and the animated ... Read more
Somnath is a bright student, but he only gets an ordinary pass in his BA exams. His indifferent results make it difficult for him to get a job. Frustrated by inconclusive interviews, he comes across an elderly friend, Bishuda, who suggests he try his hand at business. Somnath starts off in the ... Read more
A portrait of Canada's foremost musical clown, Paul Cormier, known as Monsieur Pointu. ... Read more
Rainer Fassbinder's film takes up the story of Mrs. Kuster who lives in Frankfurt with her husband, a factory worker, and her son and his pregnant wife. Her life is disrupted when her husband goes berserk at work, kills his boss and commits suicide. Instead of attending the funeral, her son goes on ... Read more
The film provides an insight into the world of the famous animator, Jan Lenica, revealing the patience and care that enables the artist to capture the intense moods of his imagination. ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
An eight year old boy is left at home alone for an evening. He listens to the radio and overhears a quarrelling couple next door. By the time his parents return, he has outgrown his babyhood. The film is based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. ... Read more
A strange hitch-hiker disturbs the quiet life of the hero of the film. ... Read more
During a holiday in Sweden, the sailing boat of a group of Danish children becomes adrift; the children land on a desert island and spend two days before they are rescued. The film probes the social mechanisms at work when a group of people are suddenly left to themselves. ... Read more
A twenty-eight-year-old woman director, Martha Coolidge, made this film about her own rape twelve years earlier, by Curly, a high-school classmate. Not a Pretty Picture is based on her experience at boarding school in the early sixties, and the actress who plays Martha at sixteen, Michele Manenti ... Read more
A man is forced into stealing by the circumstances of his life and the pressures put upon him by the system. He has inherited a small factory from his father who made furniture, but he finds competition from plastic products has made his own too expensive. In desperation, he carts his furniture ... Read more
The wildlife of the Okavango delta is threatened by Botswana's new and developing industries which use more and more water as their production increases Water, which can come from only one source—the Okavango delta—and on which the abundant wildlife depends for its survival. ... Read more
Paul, a literary translator, receives a telegram telling him of a suicide attempt by his estranged wife, Sonya, who lives in Honq Kong. On his arrival there Paul meets Sandy, a cousin of Sonya, and the following morning they visit the hospital where Sonya is hovering between life and death. Paul ... Read more
In this study of living tissues, the delicately balanced intermesh of cell activity in a living structure is compared with human activity in a city. ... Read more
The film shows how not to run a business, with the aid of Parkinson's Law, invented by Sir Norman Parkinson. ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
A cartoon-kaleidoscope, created with pre-movie techniques. ... Read more
Based on a report that appeared in the Phoenix Gazette, the film tells the story of a twenty-one year old girl who, in punishment for having slept out with her boyfriend, is ordered by her parents to shoot and bury her pet dog. ... Read more
Peter Weir's film adaptation of Joan Lindsay's classic, largely faithful to the original novel, describes the collapse of a rural Victorian boarding college following the mysterious disappearance of three girls and a teacher atop Hanging Rock. ... The unease that Weir provokes in the film is ... Read more
Angel lives with his mother Martina in an old hunting lodge in the heart of an Iberian forest. He is an introverted young man dominated by his suspicious, brandy-swigging mother. His only occupation is the hunting of wild game and deer. He doesn't have a licence and he comes up against the pompous ... Read more
A portrait of a Mediterranean pottery workshop, nestled in the Hebron Hills southeast of Jerusalem, focusing on the craft processes within the workshop. ... Read more
Catchwords and foreign words form the titles for short episodes in which the hackneyed words take on a malicious, sometimes macabre meaning. ... Read more
Children build up a world of their own in their imagination, and, in doing so, often cross the border between reality and fantasy. ... Read more
A science-fiction adventure story at an amusement park of the future. ... Read more
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