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Films Screened In 2011

Sketches and illustrations of comet sightings throughout the ages are presented alongside NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory footage. ... D/P Deborah Stratman WS Pythagoras Films TD 16mm/2011 ... Read more
"[Director] Takashi Miike is in top, slashtastic form." - Variety ... Kinetic Japanese director Takashi Miike (Audition, MIFF 2000, Sukiyaki Western Django, MIFF 2007) returns with an homage to his legendary compatriot Akira Kurosawa. ... In 19th century Japan, a time of peace is threatened by the ... Read more
An inter-continental journey with a little girl lost and an adult looking to be found. ... For Mei Mei (Zhu Lin), escaping her orphan upbringing and becoming part of a real family is a dream that has forever seemed impossibly out of reach. When her orphanage travels to Australia to take part in the ... Read more
It's the Cold War and they need good and patriotic men like Pete. Someone honest, upstanding and true. Someone they can put their faith in. ... D/S Kevan Funk P Onno Blase, Wesley Salter, Paul McGillion, Benjamin Loeb, Kevan Funk TD HD Cam/2010 ... Read more
Eccentric and disquieting, this film follows two cynical and worldly young Europeans (played by the film's directors) who travel to Latin America seeking pure exotic sensuality in the third world. Unprepared for and gradually disenchanted with their metaphorical journey, their jungle encounter with ... Read more
Sweeping the Berlinale awards with wins for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Actress, A Separation is one of most engrossing films of the year. ... A middle-class Iranian couple, already in the midst of an unpleasant separation, find themselves drawn into a web of half-truths and manipulation after ... Read more
"A bracingly fast-paced, broad-brush allegorical satire of 1990s Russia as a near-lawless dystopia of greedy immorality." - Hollywood Reporter ... Once a Soviet war hero, 'The Major' now spends his days quietly in a St. Petersburg boiler room, shovelling coal and working on his novel. But coal ... Read more
Famous for being 21/2 metres tall, Väinö Myllyrinne toured the world. Now represented as a life-sized puppet, his fame and travels continue. ... Director Jani Peltonen is a guest of the Festival. ... D/S Jani Peltonen P Sami Jahnukainen WS Mouka Filmi L Finnish, Italian w/English subtitles TD ... Read more
"Wholly succeeds as an infectious look at one soldier of cinema losing his battle, but living to fight another day." - indieWIRE ... A Useful Life chronicles the demise of a small independent cinema in Montevideo, Uruguay, through the mournful eyes of middle-aged film programmer Jorge. Facing the ... Read more
A compelling session of shorts created by talented emerging filmmakers from Australia and New Zealand. ... All Accelerator filmmakers are guests of the Festival. ... Note that this session has a classification special exemption - all ages may attend, but under 15s must be accompanied by an adult. ... Read more
A compelling session of shorts created by talented emerging filmmakers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. ... All Accelerator filmmakers are guests of the Festival. ... Note that this session has a classification special exemption - all ages may attend, but under 15s must be accompanied by an ... Read more
Adrian Wootton, a long-time Frank Sinatra admirer, gives an overview of Sinatra's 60-plus years in showbiz and the more than 50 films in which he appeared, ranging from classic musicals to his Oscar-winning performance in From Here to Eternity, interspersed with plenty of anecdotes and affectionate ... Read more
Just more than 50 years after his death, legendary American crime scribe Raymond Chandler, whose seven completed novels featuring laconic detective Phillip Marlowe (including The Big Sleep, The Lady in the Lake, Farewell My Lovely and The Long Goodbye), remains a profound influence on crime fiction ... Read more
Best known as one of the greatest English novelists of the 20th Century, penning such masterpieces as Brighton Rock, The Power and the Glory, The End of the Affair, Burnt Out Case and The Honorary Consul, as well as short stories, noted plays and children's book, Graham Greene's contribution to ... Read more
Adrian Wootton, who was one of the producers of the BBC/BFI documentary Howard Hawks: American Artist, chronicles the fascinating life and range of work from one of America's most respected directors. ... A born storyteller, Hawks worked his way up from assistant prop man to become a screenwriter ... Read more
Adrian Wootton, an Elivis aficionado who was intimately involved in curating film and TV celebrations of Elivis's Hollywood career for the BFI and Turner Classic Movies, recounts the history of Elvis Presley's extensive career on the silver screen. ... Book tickets for this talk at ... Read more
Join festival guest Ti West (director, The Innkeepers, The House of the Devil), Rachel Cotra (Director, Hello Darkness Film Festival), Emma Westwood (author of Monster Movies), Lee Gambin (Fangoria), Neil Foley (Monster Pictures), and moderator Guy Davis as they talk about the limits of horror, and ... Read more
A story of joy, laughter, hope and generosity. And football. ... When Fabrice, a young Rwandan with dreams of being a football star, is given the chance to audition for the 2010 World Cup, he sets off on a ramshackle journey across Africa, his self-appointed 'manager' Dudu and his sister Beatrice ... Read more
A traveller and a strange young boy meet on a Texas road. A film by Candy author Luke Davies, starring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network). ... D/S Luke Davies P Sara Cline TD betacam sp/2010 ... Read more
Renowned documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, an Oscar nominee for Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, and an Oscar recipient for Taxi to the Dark Side, discusses his approach to non-fiction filmmaking with Rachel Landers, AFTRS Documentary Lecturer, going behind the scenes with his new films ... Read more
Tarnation director Jonathan Caouette delivers an eerie and surreal fusion of video art, suburban gothic and monster movie. Featuring Chloë Sevigny. ... D/S Jonathan Caouette P Tarnation Films/Phi Films WS Danny Lennon TD digibeta/2010 ... Read more
Would a James A. Fitpatrick travelogue today see Melbourne today as it was in 1959? ... Directed by Darryl Wardle (1959) ... Read more
"In its exquisite refinement of Ozu's style and themes, and its general air of nostalgia and loss, An Autumn Afternoon does in fact feel like a summation of his career." - Criterion ... Hirayama (Ozu regular Chishu Ryu), an aging widower living with his two grown children, is forced to consider ... Read more
A selection of innovative shorts, animated with techniques ranging from stop-motion to ‘clay painting'. ... Read more
"Sundance can boast of another discovery... science fiction at its best." - Hollywood Reporter ... On the night that a duplicate Earth is discovered in our solar system, astrophysics student Rhoda drives into an oncoming car, killing a mother and child and leaving the father in a coma. When she's ... Read more
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