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Films By Stuart McDonald

Rose, a fiesty rebel who thinks she knows it all-and wants it all, and Adrian, an introverted new­comer who has a more temperate but insecure approach to life, meet on the way to a rollerskating rink. The central story is the relationship between Rose and Adrian. Each week, when inter-school ... Read more
You couldn't be further from the open plains, but that hasn't dimmed the enthusiasm of the guitar plucking, country singing cowboys of Japan. ... Celebrating another example of the Japanese infatuation with American culture, this video introduces several serious devotees of the American Country and ... Read more
1956. The hinterland where they still use kerosene lamps for light. Ernie Dingo plays Bill, an electrician who has no place, either in the white world in which he grew up, or in the Aboriginal world from which he was taken. When he shows up one dark night, the family that brought him up aren't glad ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
Frieda seems to have a spark in her eye as she heads off to the local swimming pool. She meets with friend Cecil, but their pleasure is interrupted by some snoops from the croquet club (to which Cec belongs). Cecil is retired, and is enjoying the twilight of his life. His only worry is his planned ... Read more
How long does it take before abnormal seems normal' At 17, Claudia Kelly (Emma Lung) is smart and enterprising. But she lives in a strange world of no school, no money, an indoor aviary and territorial fights with her sister Penny. And she's angry over her mother's recent suicide, and she can't ... Read more
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