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Films By Phil Mulloy

Utilizing the cowboy-western genre as a theme from which to draw his disturbing images, Phil Mulloy has created a highly entertaining collection of rough and gritty animation shorts, painterly and expressionistic in style His bristly brush loaded mainly with black ink, and sharp pen sometimes ... Read more
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Using the story of Little Red Riding Hood as a starting point, this unusual animation tran­scends into a dark and bleak anomaly, of chaos, destruction and paranoia. A disturbing indictment of the 20th Century psyche. As the child narrator tells us, "If s not exactly Walt Disney". (AA) See also ... Read more
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Episode 65 is one sample episode of a large number of short animations, planned by Phil Mulloy, to tell the history of the world. The animation style peculiar to the earlier 'cowboys' series is apparent. His subjects are all the bad things of this world, through drawing upon history. ... Read more
This animation is abstracted and expressionistic in style, scenes sketched and scratched mainly in black ink with sharp pen, a few colours painted on, combined with cut-out shapes composing strongly silhouetted forms of either saddened or violent human beings to ruffle any viewer's complacency ... Read more
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A brief commentary on the unpredictable and uncontrollable twists of fate, events of horror, and telling a supposed God what he really deserves. ... Read more
This animation is based on the reminiscences of the violinist and composer Alex Balanescu. Yearning for personal freedom of expression, he moves from Bucharest, Rumania to New York - only to find the same insecurity and fear permeating society, but in the form of cut-throat competition. He says ... Read more
A previous MFF Winner of Best Animation (Pos­session, 1992) the prolific Phil Mulloy (of Cowboys and Ten Commandments fame) has created yet another bieak, disturbing parable to unsettle our hearts. A calm ironic voice informs us that with the collapse of international capitalism NASAs space ... Read more
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