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Films By Norman McLaren

The film is an expression of a mood, a heady recollection of an evening on the town rendered in rhythmic flights of light and colour. The alternation of the music's mood - gay or sad - is echoed by the artist. ... Written for a jazz ensemble by Eldon Rathburn, engraved and coloured on film by ... Read more
Norman McLaren continues his investigations into the possibilities of animated film with his latest film. Spheres, his first film since Pas de deux, is set to music of Bach fugues. The illusion of three dimensionality is obtained by the use of animated cut-outs and pastel backgrounds. ... Read more
In Synchromy, there is an absolute parallel between sound and image: what is seen on the screen at any moment is the image or images that are creating the sound. For the eye and ear of the viewer the two senses do seem to combine. It is "animated sound" in the most real sense. ... Read more
A 'film poster' publicising a wartime government bond campaign, using the technique of drawing with pen and ink directly on 35mm film. ... Read more
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