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Films By Miranda July

"With her incredibly auspicious debut feature, acclaimed multimedia performance artist Miranda July makes the leap to feature filmmaking with such skill and original vision it's hard not to feel a tremor of excitement" - Sundance Film Festival ... "July stars as Christine, a would-be artist and ... Read more
The Amateurist slides along the edges of horror and satire to create an unsettling portrait of a woman on the brink of technologically-driven madness. Miranda July's performance is split between a tarty denizen trapped in a padded cell and neurotic mathematician who studies and narrates her ... Read more
"Brandishes poetic insights and imaginative flights." - Hollywood Reporter ... Miranda July's highly anticipated new film occupies the same playful and offbeat universe as her acclaimed debut feature, Me and You and Everyone We Know (MIFF 2005). ... Sophie (July) and Jason (Hamish Linklater) live ... Read more
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