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Films By Mark Hartley

Blood! Breasts! Beasts! A brutal orgy of ghastly terror! ... Busty babes, mutated monsters and midget secret agents, the Filipino genre films of the 70s and 80s had it all. Saturating drive-ins around the world, the Philippines became a dreamland for exploitation filmmakers with cheap labour ... Read more
“They were just like American genre films, but they had Australian actors, Australian locations and everyone spoke in Australian accents. If you show kids these films today they can't believe we ever made them.” - filmmaker Mark HartleyIn the 70s and 80s a uniquely antipodean wave of ... Read more
''There's enough nods and touches in there for people who love the original, and we're reverent to it, but we're certainly not making the same film. It's very much our own.'' – Mark Hartley ... Patrick, a young coma patient, has been lying in a hospital bed for years, unable to ... Read more
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