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Films By Kirby Dick

"A philosophical experiment in portraiture, Derrida avoids becoming a deconstrurtion primer, instead positioning itself as a demonstration of the French thinker's theories. In a series of interviews, Derrida is encouraged to systematically dismantle the documentary process." - Village Voice ... A ... Read more
“A vital and - considering the current debate over the constitutionality of gay marriage - very timely cinematic assault on the hypocrites in our midst.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Controversial filmmaker Kirby Dick (This Film is Not Yet Rated, MIFF 06) flings Washington's closet door wide open ... Read more
Since Masters and Johnson laid the groundwork in the early seventies, therapists have engaged in a radical form of therapy for clients with severe sexual problems. ... PRIVATE PRACTICES follows two men's therapy from beginning to end. One is a 25-year-old college student who has never dated. The ... Read more
Sick chronicles the life and art of poet and per­formance artist Bob Flanagan and his ongo­ing struggle against the scourge of Cystic Fibrosis. A gruelling and highly explicit film Sick is director Kirby Dick's wildly original and audacious third documentary. The filmmaker was exceptionally ... Read more
In the USA, a shadowy, anonymous group controls what the population may or may not view. It isn't the CIA or the Masons; it's the Motion Picture Association of America. Responsible for rating all films shown in the USA, the MPAA has never divulged its rating guidelines, refuses to disclose the ... Read more
"Oscar-nominated [Twist of Faith] puts a face to the media stories about allegations of sex abuse by Catholic priests. The face belongs to Tony Comes, a firefighter of Toledo, Ohio. The film reveals with devastating intimacy the mental anguish of a person struggling to come to terms with crimes ... Read more
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