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Films By Jacques Rivette

“In Rivette-land, there is no life without art and vice versa.” - Screen International ... For Kate, a broken-down car and a broken-down life both get a jump start from a chance roadside encounter with mysterious Italian traveller Vittorio. When they meet again at her father's ailing circus, it ... Read more
This long film from Jacques Rivette spins a fantasy deriving from Alice in Wonderland, and from a minor tale by Henry James. Julie, a librarian, is sitting in a park in Montmartre, reading a book of magic. She sees an anxious woman, Celine, rush past, trailing sunglasses, scarf and a wrap. She ... Read more
"A masterpiece... ‘cruel ironies' doesn't even begin to describe it." - Time Out London ... The latest in Jacques Rivette's series of adaptations of Honore de Balzac's work is a dramatisation of La Duchesse de Langeais. Set in the salons of 1820s Paris, it chronicles the doomed courtship between ... Read more
Based on Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights Jacques Rivette sets a drama laced with hatred, love, revenge and depravity. Although Catherine is in love with Roch, a foundling brought up by adoptive parents, she chooses to marry Olivier while Roch is away. When Roch returns his hatred is as strong as ... Read more
... ... No description will ever do justice to this magnificent film, a masterpiece in any­one's terms, a work which could only be a piece of cinema and nothing else, and which is one of the most intelligent glances into the artistic process ever committed to celluloid. Rivette has always been ... Read more
LOVE ON THE GROUND (L'AMOUR PAR TERRE) is probably the most important film Rivette has made since L'AMOUR FOU. the first film in which his opposition to conventional narrative was clearly expressed. ... LOVE ON THE GROUND continues the director's interest in the borderline between fantasy and ... Read more
“Influenced by the films of Mizoguchi, Bresson, Preminger and Cocteau, The Nun qualifies as cinematic manna.” - Cinémathèque Ontario ... Jacques Rivette's magnum opus was initially banned within France due to its questioning of religious morality. Based on the 18th-century novel by Denis ... Read more
The writer, Charles Peguy, once reflected that Paris belongs to those who spend the summer there preparing for the winter season. In the heat of August, and in an empty Paris, Rivette documents the moral predicaments of a troupe of young actors, who, profiting by the summer, are working on a new ... Read more
Secret Defence is a powerful and original French crime thriller about a brother and sister caught up in layers of mystery which emerges from the supposedly accidental death of their father five years earlier. Soon after Paul decides to seek out his father's killer but ends up injured in hospital ... Read more
The Story of Marie and Julien (L' Histoire de Marie et Julien) France'In many of Jacques Rivette's sublime films, enigmas come wrapped in mysteries before eventually disclosing their secrets; The Story of Marie and Julien is no exception. Rivette is now in his fifth decade of filmmaking and, like ... Read more
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