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Films By Harry Rasky

This is an intimate look at Marc Chagall's life, his imagination and above all, his love: 'Only love interests me, Chagall has said, '”and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love " ... Director Harry Rasky's script is based on Chagall's autobiography and poetry, and the film ... Read more
Teresa Stratas is one of the great singing actresses of today, having appeared on all the great opera stages in all the great roles. ... Now, in her mid-forties, she is still the centre of attention around the world. The story of her life is determined by extreme emotions, by torment and triumph ... Read more
"Leonard Cohen is the city. He is the French and English Canadian. He is the searching youth. He is the confused Canadian He is the voice of loneliness. He is religion. He is a lyric. He is a sound He is the wandering Jew. He is ... many things. And the film must reflect this. The interweaving of ... Read more
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