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Films By Hal Hartley

... ... Deadpan, fiercely cynical and extremely funny, Hal Hartley has cemented his reputa­tion as the US independent requiring the closest of scrutiny. This curious director creates a con­sistently fabulous feature every couple of years, wows an ever expanding audience and then ... Read more
“You're a good woman, Fay. Someday when all this is over and we have destroyed Western civilization... ” Ten years have passed since Henry Fool. With Fay Grim, filmmaker Hal Hartley reunites us with the characters of the original film who now, in favour of battling the pitfalls of celebrity in ... Read more
Henry Fool is a self-styled Intellectual whose proclamations ring with both truth and falsity. His arrival info the lives of a dysfunctional family signifies the beginning of delicate yet profound change. Simon Grim is a quiet, unassuming garbage-man supporting his clinically depressed mother and ... Read more
Tude (Martin Donovan) is an over-educated literature professor, totally oblivious to the bored students pelting him with books. He is obsessed with a single passage from Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, all the while suspecting that he is an atheist undergoing a crisis of conscience. Meanwhile ... Read more
The celebrated Hal Hartley is the only American director who contributed to the 2000 Seen By... series. His The Book of Life gives a playful, irreverent and unorthodox account of the second coming of Jesus. This time around the Messiah is depicted as a slick young busi­nessman returning to the ... Read more
Everybody on the block wants to be famous, don't they? ... A new short from the director of The Unbelievable Truth and Trust. ... Read more
Hal Hartley's feature debut takes us back to his native Long Island, where the lovely, 17-year-old Audry Hugo, a nuclearphobic high school senior falls madly in love with a perfectly chiselled auto mechanic, who works for her maniacal father. Will the sensuous Audry explode her green ideals in the ... Read more
After The Unbelievable Truth became one of the sleeper hits of last year, director Hal Hartley is back with another biting, provocative comedy of suburban middle America. With Trust Hal Hartley assesses the current states of the American nuclear family and proclaims its path in a downward spiral ... Read more
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