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Films By George Romero

All hell is about to break loose. ... A plane crash in Evans City leads to a poisonous spill in the local water supply. Side effects of the top secret deadly bacteria on the local population include spasms, bursts of aggression and death: a lovely old lady stabs a rescuer with a knitting needle, a ... Read more
"Dawn of the Dead is one of the best horror films ever made - and, as an inescapable result, one of the most horrifying." - Chicago Sun-Times ... The second instalment in George A. Romero's ‘Dead' series takes a swipe at suburbia and consumer culture, with the flesh-rending this time set against ... Read more
Gore becomes almost conceptual art in this third (and unduly underestimated) chapter of the ‘Dead' series. ... Written as a colossal finale to the series, but downsized at the last minute due to budget cuts, it's quintessential Romero at his most minimal, effective and ferociously visionary. Day ... Read more
Real zombies move slow. ... Taking a shot at Zack Snider's accelerated version of the living dead, Romero returns for the fifth time to his own franchise with a trip back to the future. A film full of energy, as close as ever to Night of the Living Dead yet rooted in our own new media culture ... Read more
“I dare anyone to come up with a feminist film of this era so shattering as well as ambivalent about the nature of liberation.” - film critic Tom AllenThe film that George Romero has always wanted to remake, and one of his most personal - A Woman Under the Influence with witches, Juliet of the ... Read more
“The last film of the 60s. So sincere it takes your breath away.” - film critic Kent Jones ... Ed Harris leads a carnival troupe whose specialty is medieval jousting on motorcycles. In Romero's armoury of parables, these knights on bikes are an alternative/utopian community in Reagan's America ... Read more
The dead shall inherit the earth. ... Partially rewritten after 9/11, Land of the Dead is the only film of the ‘Dead' series produced by a major studio.While the rich and powerful live in a fortified golden tower, all around them the zombies (“my blue collar monsters,” Romero calls them) walk ... Read more
“First I will save your soul, then I will destroy you.” ... Just as he demythologised the zombie with his ‘Dead' series, Romero here disinters the vampire with his own remix of the genre. The odd, withdrawn teen Martin has a secret, and as a series of gristly murders plague Pittsburgh ... Read more
“Together with Psycho, this is the movie that extracted horror cinema from its mortal embrace with Gothic romanticism.” - John Carpenter ... Inspired by Richard Matheson's classic novel I Am Legend, shot in harsh, fearless black and white by the director himself, Romero's stunning debut feature ... Read more
The sixth film in the Dead series from zombie king George A. Romero (a MIFF guest in 2008). ... Offering up the flesh-chomping effects enthusiasts have come to know and love, Romero's franchise continues with a pulpy Western-influenced tale that follows Sarge (a minor character from Diary of the ... Read more
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