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Films By Edgar Reitz

Edgar Reitz' Heimat is more than just the longest film ever made, more even than the apex of the New German Cinema: It is a true landmark in the history of world cinema. At over 15 hours, Heimat covers two-thirds of a century of earth-shaking events as seen from the point of view of a few square ... Read more
Fiction and documentary are blended in an attempt to produce an insight into the subjective nature of truth. ... Inge Meier, who steals from her lovers, is not a prostitute, but merely combines the satisfaction of ... her sexual and her material desires. Secret agent Rita MiJller-Eisert, instead of ... Read more
An impressionistic study of the changing appearance of our world, caused through speed. Simultaneously, the film is an avowal of the right of man to freedom of movement. ... Grand Prix, Lisbon Festival; German Film Prize. ... Read more
It is July 1945; a small group of Germans are waiting in a suburb of Leipzig for the Russians to move in. The Americans have just pulled out of the area after occupying it first. ... The country is about to change drastically, but these civilians, who meet at the local railway crossing, are still ... Read more
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