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Films By Bruno Dumont

"An unsettling portrait of the artist as a mad woman, anchored by a riveting lead performance." - Hollywood Reporter ... In 1915, French sculptor Camille Claudel had been confined against her will in a mental institution for two years. Insisting she is sane and yet beset by paranoia about her ... Read more
Flanders took out the Grand Prix at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Sprung from the killing fields of World War 1 - quite literally, knee-deep in mud in the opening scene - Flanders is a primal and, at times, brutal film unafraid to walk an anti-emotional line. Demester shares his time between ... Read more
"Maddening, pretentious, hypnotic and transcendent in roughly equal measure" - Variety ... On France's windswept Côte d'Opale, The Guy, toting a rifle, roams the desolate landscape. He is accompanied by a goth-styled waif, The Girl. Together, these strange travelling companions lurch between ... Read more
Winner of numerous awards - including European Discovery of the Year - The Life of Jesus is startling and masterful. Freddy and his pals are unemployed, perpetually bored and, apart from their scooters and the souping up of an old Peugeot, are without direction or ambition. Like a low-powered biker ... Read more
Twentynine Palms France/GermanyThe latest controversial film from acclaimed French auteur Bruno Dumont (The Life of Jesus, MIFF 1998) is a visually breathtaking metaphysical road movie that takes audiences on a trip into the dark recesses of the human psyche. Unconcerned with plot, Dumont's ... Read more
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