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Films By Bob Rogers

Giant manufacturing robots perform ... computerised dances to romantic classical music. ... Read more
... ... A computerised dance performed by giant industrial robots on an automobile assembly line and synchronised to music recorded by London's Royal Philharmonic. The film was made possible by a grant from the General Motors Corporation of America. ... ... ... Ballet Robotique has become a classic ... Read more
"Three make believe kingdoms - Red, Blue and Yellow, fight a colourful battle for supremacy. As warriors clash, colours combine to create new hues and promising signs." ... Bob Rogers ... Read more
A tour through the gaudy world of the television commercials With a blend of nostalgia and insight. Bob Rogers and crew take us from'48 to 84 and back again A melange of the wildest fancies of dream cars, special effects, impossible stunts and outrageous hype. ... Read more
An observation from nature leads a team of innovators to a radical new idea in commuter transportation, the film invites the audience to question traditional assumptions about cars-why four wheels, why a rigid frame, why multiple passengers? ... Read more
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