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Films By Antoinette Starkiewicz

A girl in search of a dream the dancing man in tails and top hat. ... Read more
A fully-animated film on the history of music, hosted by a little female character called "Koko", who represents the muse of music. "Koko" dances and clowns her way through a breathlessly short history of music. ... Read more
The cat-girl heroine, Pussy, finds herself dwarfed in a world of the big boys. Yet, through exercising her mind and body - (wit and grace), she can metamorphose effortlessly from one opposite to the next - be both the pussycat and the ringmaster. She can fuse the opposites, and then dissolve them ... Read more
A cartoon cabaret, the characters creating themselves from flowing lines. ... Read more
The latest offering from one of Australia's finest animators takes us on a breathless journey through 20th century images in art and fashion. Using an innovative combination of live action, animation, choreography and painting, Antoinette Starkiewicz's lushious imagery is a feast for the eyes. ... Read more
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